Who I Am


I have served in the role of Spiritual Workshop Facilitator & Teacher for over 15 years now, travelling throughout Scotland, and have taught distantly throughout this time.

My love of Angels and the role they have played in my life has been huge as has the connection my guides have brought me. Life has been inspiring, uplifting, amazing, loving and so much more. I have been blessed with some very uplifting, wise, ancient and very special guides who I am continually grateful to in my life, as I continue to teach and serve in my role.

I have seen people shift in so many amazing ways over these years and it has been a sight to see each time. They tapped in to the beauty of their soul and the light they are.

Trusting in the love which surrounds us helps us, as we see the love already within us.

My guides have been supporters, teachers, friends and so much more as my role has grown and changed in shape and form over the years.

My role continues to do so. As we all do.

My love is teaching in workshops settings, meditation classes, earth energy connections, holding retreats and teaching/giving healing. I also support people by offering Holistic Therapies for Palliative, End of Life and long term health conditions on request and by donation.

In my other role as a Family, MarriageĀ  & Funeral Celebrant & Deaconess I have been very, very blessed to have held and taken part in many ceremonies for people and each has been as special as the one before.

We are all one big melting pot of many things and many people. All unique.

Life is busy. Life is unique. Life is perfect.

Workshops throughout have been in Earth Energy Workshops, Guidance on Working with Angels and Guides [including courses I have created and taught worldwide] , Meditation & Empowerment Workshops, Retreats & Oracle Card Readings and Guidance.

This continues to flow in the perfect way at the perfect time.

I offer thoughts, meditations and guidance as they come up.

Please see this site as a place of calm, a place of stillness and know it is brought with love.x.x

Our Story

Our story goes way back and comes from love, from compassion and holding souls in their journey through life.

We are the healers, the guides, the teachers of love.

We uplift beings as they uplift themselves.

We are no religion, and all religions, we are no people and all people.

We hold the space, light the candle of love, encourage and uplift.

We are the ones of sacred ceremonies, of sacred space, earth healers coming together to lift our souls, to merge and are part of the Divine Cosmos and all that is.

We are the founders, the wayshowers, we are love. Margery@angelhealingwaters