Angel Guidance

Angelic Realms Course

This short course is a combination of teaching from the level one and two courses which I created and have taught in person and in areas around the world by distance.

It is the perfect course to learn from and connect with the Angelic Realms in exercises, tips and meditations.

It has 36 pages and comes with an added extra meditation from the course. I have loved teaching these courses. 

It is a perfect course at this time to help us come back to centre and a place of peace and love. I am offering this course free to folk who may want to download it. It can be found on the courses page with love from me.



Soul Guidance and Healing

We all loose our direction at times, our spiritual and emotional Sat Nav goes off, or we loose our way, are not sure of our path, feel we need lifting and realigning. It is all a natural progression of life.

I am there to talk one to one, guiding and sharing where you may feel ‘stuck’ or feel in need of a lift and shift of your energy.

A guidance session can be one to one[according to guidelines] or by distance. Looking at where you can maybe make changes or need support to help you lift and shift back to the Divine you that you are.

Sessions may include picking oracle cards which resonate for you at the time, dowsing to check where in your aura you are holding on to stuck energies and any healing which may help, looking at where you can make shifts as we talk, healing by distance after our session or during this and tips which may help you on your way by distance or healing in person.

Each session is as unique and individual as you are. 

 Online sessions shall be given via Skype, Zoom and by Distance Healing.

Soul Guidance

In Person and Online



 Please look out for details on the events page’ 

Foundations of Love


I have taught Angel Guidance Courses for over 10  years both in person in Scotland and throughout the world online.

I am now being shown a new format and way to teach courses and details shall follow. They are evolving and changing into a new way of teaching which I am feeling and being shown are perfect for this time.

The courses shall be taught by distance and in person.

Healing Therapies

Camargue Cross

Healing sessions are there to help you, in whatever way, shape or form is right for you at the time. Bringing you back to centre and surrounding you with love. These sessions can include any guidance brought through for you.

Healing available – Reiki, Angel Healing & Heart of Mary Magdalene Reiki.

In person – £40.00

In Person Healing


Distance Healing


Distance includes feedback

I teach Usui Tibetan Reiki & Celtic Reiki in person only. I also teach Heart of Mary Magdalene Reiki by distance and in person.

Palliative Therapy Massage

This is a role I have been trained in for over ten years and I have helped with various charities and organisations in and around the Lothians in Scotland.

Therapies I offer are Hand & Foot Massage, Indian Head for Palliative Care & Energy Healing.

These sessions are by request.

Sessions can be from one to two hours – cost – by donation.

Contact me @