Healing from the Inside 

Zoom Meeting and Workshop

Wednesday 29th April   7.30 pm- 9.00 pm 

Healing Light


This workshop shall include a worksheet which shall be sent out after the Zoom Meeting

We are in the midst of a transformational time in history.

One we shall look back with many different feelings, thoughts,  attitudes and shifts within us and especially around us

To look at where we can make the very changes which will help us grow as individuals, countries and more importantly as a planet.

We are the change.

Where can we make those changes in the self, do we need to?

I know I am going through some mass processes.

Where can we learn and where can we see parts of us, which are handing us the opportunities to help us step forward in a new way and one where we can feel, see, sense and know we have taken steps forward in being that change.

In this workshop I shall be bringing together exercises, teachings, reflections and material which I have shared over the years of  teaching from workshop and courses I have facilitated and which have helped myself and others shift and heal.

I shall be sending out a short workbook to all those who take part in the Zoom meeting.

The donation for this workshop is £10.00. If you wanted to give another amount, please just add your donation to the Paypal – 

Please also be aware this meeting shall be recorded and sent out to those who attend. If you miss the meeting it shall still be sent out to you.

We are part of a change, a huge change in perceptions and our realities.  All right and perfect for each other, each in their own ways.

We are being shown and given the opportunities to ‘heal’ from the inside out.

This workshop is a journey in to help us heal those inner parts of our being and to help us grow from them.

Healing from the Inside



Foundation in Angel & Oracle Cards Course 

Zoom Meeting and additional Workbook

Sunday 3rd May 7.30 pm – 9.00 pm


Cost – £30.00 – includes manual and Zoom Meeting

A workshop to share, learn more, enhance and a build on giving readings for yourself and family

I created and have taught this course by distance world wide and in person in and around Scotland for over 10 years as a Spiritual Workshop Facilitator and Teacher

The course gives you tips, guidance, exercises and meditations to help you build on your connection with your cards and help enhance your intuitive connection with your cards.

The course can include a certificate once assignments are sent back to me for some feedback.

Foundation in Angel & Oracle Cards Course



Standing Stones & Leylines of Scotland 

Tuesday 5th May – 7.00 pm – 9.00 pm 

Zoom Meeting

Scotland has many sacred sites and standing stones which have been part of our heritage and land for thousands of years.
How did they get there, who built them and why on these sites?
What are energy lines and leylines?
Where are they in Scotland?
We shall look at these questions and more, discussing what our ancestors maybe knew that we have yet to discover.
Is it important to respect and look after our sites?
Do we honour these places or treat them like a tourist site only?
All questions to explore.
This is the second talk on this subject due to interest.
It will now be held as a Zoom format at this time.
For those interested in attending please go to the site below and the event page to book your space and I will send you the link to join on the night.
I shall also send folk a mini workbook after on the talk explaining the areas spoken about in the talk.
Cost- £10.00. For those who wish to offer another amount please just make a donation to the Paypal – 

Standing Stones & Leylines of Scotland


  Angel Meditation Night 

Wednesday 6th May 7.00 pm – 9.00 pm 

Zoom Meeting


These monthly workshops are normally an in person event which I have been teaching in and around the Lothians for over 10 years.

They are a chance to relax, unwind and come back to centre together as we shift through all life.

We shall share in meditation, share readings, have a wee blether as we say here in Scotland and support each other through these times.

The cost of the workshop is £10.00 but if you wanted to add a donation please do so via PayPal &

Angel Meditation Night