The Path we Take

Love in all its brilliance takes us down many paths, many side roads, many places and in and through many relationships which all serve this path.

Love teaches us so many things in so many ways and continues to through our life. It guides us to evolve and grow, learn and be that love.

If we reach a point where we are stuck, there is an old teaching that tells us to ask, ‘what would love do’? Maybe sitting with this can help us make sense of things. Maybe we just need to sit, go into our heart and ask our Higher self and our guides to guide us.

Love does not expect us to suffer, or put up with suffering – it transcends this in many, many ways.

It takes us down roads where we reach those places we feel we cannot go any further but suddenly all becomes clear and we understand and know, love is the power, which was always there, always showing the way forward, always guiding us.

Sometimes we just need to take up all spiritual compass and allow love to take us where we are meant to be.

I was shown a ritual last night which may resonate with a few.

Stand with feet grounded in the earth and raise your hands. Connect in with the Cosmos and feel this connection flow. Then say

‘The cosmos and I are one. I am at one with source and all that is’. Allow this to flow.

Now, bring your hands down  palms facing the earth and connect in with the earth allowing this connection to flow and grow.

Then say ‘ The Earth and I are one. I am at one with Mother Earth and all that is’  Allow this to flow.

Bring your hands to your heart and bring the cosmos and mother earth in through your heart and say ‘ I am at one with all that is.’

Ground and go about your day and may it be blessed. Margery@angelhealingwaters

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