Listening to your Heart Song

When we go into that place of the heart, we become still. We become calm and we listen again to the inner realms of our being letting all distractions drop from us as we leave them behind for a time.

A time when we nourish and sustain our inner realms, our soul, our being and we rediscover the gift of stillness. The gift of quiet. The gift of love.

Recently I visited a magical place where nature and another whole other world reminded me of the stillness of the heart while in this magical place.

I watched nature in its beauty all around me, I gave thanks to nature, I listened to the Earth and as I did I rediscovered my voice and sang to the earth with some beautiful souls.

As I heard my voice I learnt again how powerful it could become, how much resonance and ability it had to be heard. I was back in tune with my heart song.

I was taken out from daily life and into a place where my soul felt so very thankful for the abundance of the earth.

The sun came out and raised the atmosphere for us that bit more. A precious time.

Through this experience I was gifted by nature in so many ways and felt the many blessings on offer.

Maybe you could take yourself to somewhere quiet in nature, somewhere you feel nourished, somewhere you can sing to nature and for yourself.

Maybe you could rediscover and come back to your heart song.

In doing so, maybe you could add to the love the earth will be thankful for at this time.

In giving we receive. In nourishing ourselves we nourish beyond ourselves. May you be blessed.x.x.x

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