Our Spiritual Essence



In days gone by, Sunday was the day of rest, the day when we attended church and had a day of quiet. Of course, this still goes in and around areas and countries of the world.

Things over the years have changed. People maybe felt hemmed in and ‘ruled’ by their religions and they walked away from their churches. Maybe they felt they needed more answers, were maybe did not have the faith,  did not bring them a feeling of being in touch or that they felt at one with God, Source or whoever they believed in.

I still speak to people who tell me of elders in their church being set in their ways and refusing to budge and allow younger people to bring in changes or requests.

I have also been told, have seen and have known elders who were stubborn, over ruling people, unfriendly and unwelcoming to others, there-by keeping numbers lower and lower and churches have then been closed and sold on to bring money back into the churches left.

They have then become houses, flats, business and their essence has been lost.

Some churches today we go in hold an energy, an essence, a feeling of calm, of sanctity and of peace. Rosslyn Chapel being and example or Chartres Cathedral in France.


Other buildings of worship have felt oppressive to some and unwelcoming. We all feel things differently may I add.

Many, many churches, chapels and places of worship are sitting on Leylines, are on energy spots and were put there on purpose, often replacing other sacred sites.

Many churches have specific structure of steeples which would gather the energy of the singing, the energy of the prayer and send it up and out.

Church bells have a resonance and purpose to them. As we turn more and more to paying attention to sound, we are understanding and seeing the reason for church bells.They served more than just the purpose of telling people church services were soon to begin.

We are hearing these less and less and the vibration and sound they brought, which shifted and lifted the energy around them is being lost.

Sacred wells are being built on, covered up and even used to leave telegraph poles. They held a reason and purpose- they still do and we are losing the respect and reason for these. We are losing the sacred wells.

Sacred Well

Standing Stone Circles and areas all served a purpose and many churches and chapels linked in to these when they were built. I often wonder how many have been removed to be replaced by places of worship.

Yew Trees seen as the Tree of Life were often planted in Churchyards or churches and chapels were built close to them.

We are losing our spiritual direction the world over.

We are becoming more and more self-serving, self-interested, self-driven and are shutting off more and more from our spiritual values.

We are not filling up our essence but closing it down. We are losing our connection to the earth, to nature, to sound, to energy.



So what are your spiritual values?

If you are not drawn to any religion, or faith then of course this is your choice and way. What though do you do to look after your Spiritual health for you?

What are you doing to nourish, honour, lift and hold your spirituality? What has meaning for you? Do you take the time to be still and be and look after your spiritual essence?

What lifts you? What makes you feel in touch and one with your spirituality?

What can we do to lift each other?

Time and again I speak of community looking after communities. Of people coming together to get in touch with and help each other.

Would it help us to have regular days when we gather and honour the Earth, ourselves, each other?

No person in charge as such but a community looking after a community and looking after our spiritual essence.

Many of the stories from saints, people who held beautiful powerful energy, people who made a difference in the lives of others is being lost.

Compassion, kindness, non-judgement, acceptance and common decency are good for us as well as people we treat with this. The world could and will gain so much in the process.

Yes, there are people out there still doing this and yes, they are doing so much.

I will leave you to ponder and think on what your answers are to this, should you feel drawn to thinking on this.

If you wanted to share your thoughts, I am all ears and interested to know.

Meantime sending many blessings and so much love. Margery@angelhealingwaters.


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