Times of Change



Change does not come by itself as the saying goes, and this we can all agree is completely relevant for this time.

We stand in a field of shifts, of constant change and change again. All like passengers on a ship which is heading through rocky waters, then back to calm ones, then rocky again, so yes, many of us are all over the place as we can understand and expect. Our balance has been wavering.

Many, I know shall be nodding their heads in agreement with me I am sure.

This year has brought mass change for many, vast shifts in their lives. Vast changes in all areas. Some we know about, some we shall find out about later.

Some, indeed many, have decided on new paths, some have had changes made for them swiftly and unexpectedly. Some are looking at new life choices.

In these many months of change the one thing which comes up for me constantly is community.  My guides have been drumming this one in continuously, bless them!

We are one big community, one in need of support and caring. One which needs to hold each other up and lift each other spirits. I cannot emphasise this enough.

I am being told time and again, this must be our way forward. This must be part of our catalyst of change. We are groups, neighbours, villages, towns and people are our support mechanism which will and can carry us forward.

A community where human compassion, human decency, human kindness can take us so much further and support us so much more.

So, where can you support and help other’s. Where can you be part of that catalyst of positive change. Where can you be a support to yourself and others. I will leave this with you.

Many times, in my down time, I have helped others and felt so much better within myself after for doing so. Other times, I may add strongly though, I have had to take time out and listen to when I need to recharge – although not always faithfully may I say!

I share a wee mantra with you now which for me helps me come back to centre and back to a place of peace. It also reminds me of our capability in spreading positive change and shifts. If ten of us were to say this daily, think of the difference this could make!

In this moment of peace, I am reminded of my Divine Spark

Divine Being, Divine Love

In the divinity of who I am, I see and I am reminded, I am a container of love

Part of the vast well of Universal Love

May this love expand and grow.

I am at peace.


I shall be rolling out a couple of new courses and workshops which I shall let folk know about in the near future. Them upstairs as I sometimes call them, have been piling in the instructions. I am also available for one to one Soul Guidance.

For now, I wish you all, so much love.x.x.x.x

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