Love in All its Wisdom



We cannot be something for everyone and take care of their needs, their requests for help, their need for your time and their troubles and not start with the self first. First and foremost we must look after ourselves and our essence. We must look at and see where we need support, light, love and time out before we go out and even think of helping other’s.

What are we doing to nourish our soul? What are we doing that ensures we are looking after our physical body, our spiritual needs, our mental body and all the very elements which make up the person and soul we are. Do we give enough time for all of these things?  Often we do not.

We feel obliged sometimes, or that we must help. We go on and on offering help and then at times we become almost resentful of that help, burnt out, tired and running out of steam. Some of us, if we are totally honest then complain of how tired, worn out and unappreciated we feel when in actual fact, the very person who has caused all this has been ourselves. We chose to carry on and not think of where our needs were being met or looked out from ourselves and for those needs to be met.

I have had a full on week this week and stopped short yesterday and reminded myself of the very point I am making. I was becoming drained and feeling physically I was in need of time out. I felt and saw the signs and listened.

I shall be taking that time out for a walk in the fresh air, to connect in with Mother Earth, to sit somewhere quiet and be still, to read a book and do little else one day this week. To feed myself food I love and feel nourished by. To exercise. To breath and allow myself that time to recharge. To treat myself and not feel there is anything wrong at all with any of this.

I have listened and will come out the other side feeling better for it. I shall light candles, do affirmations, connect in with my guides, fill my house and surrounding area with love and do all the very things which lift my soul.

What will you be doing to look after you and your essence? I send you love while you ponder on that one.


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