History in its Continuation

Mary 2.


History writes itself time and again. Each story can be vastly different to the one before.

Different people bring their own channelling to the mix of how they are shown a certain Guide, Teacher or Spiritual Figure.

This can be confusing and throw people. They do not know what to believe.

The best thing we can do maybe is be guided by what we feel, what sits with us.

Where do we feel that sense of knowing. Where do we feel this sits with us.

In the last 20 years or so we have seen many spiritual people tell us they are the reincarnation of certain beings. I have watched a few be changed by this. Sometimes drastically.

They may be an aspect of that being. They may be part of their group or they may even be listening to false guidance. Who knows.

It all gets confusing; ego sets in for some. People look up to them and ego sets in more with some.

Over the years I have learnt to listen with my heart, feel from my heart, think with my heart and trust what is right and true for me.

Any guidance or channelling which speaks of power over others, anger, demand or control, I steer well back from.

I do trust in Love, always. I listen to love.

For me, love is the greatest teacher. In history, many wise souls taught from love. Ego and power ripped that love apart and changed the story. What we read and are taught can often be far from the truth.

Listen from a place of love, from your heart and allow that to be your sensor and guide.

I wish you well on your journey of discovery. Margery 2019.x.x.x

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