Shifting Sands

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We were at the beach one day getting some fresh air and exercise- a beautiful sunny day with the wind blasting across the sand for miles ahead of us. It was a sight to see!

The sand was in our hair, ears, face, clothes, shoes and we laughed as we walked mesmerized by how powerful the wind was and the amazing shapes the sand was creating as it flew towards the sea and sand.

Nature was taking the sand towards the sea which will bring it back again when the tide comes back in……. the continual flow of nature and the magic it holds. Ebbing and flowing, ever constant, ever changing, ever moving.

When we got back in the car we felt energised and our faces were glowing .

This made me think of the weekend we had – I felt a clear out was required and cupboards, paper work, books, clothes and more were piled into the hall ready to depart. The whole energy of the house lifted once it was cleared and the house felt a whole lot lighter.

It also welcomed new energy in to the space and broke up an stagnant energy. All good and liberating.

There are winds of change going on at the moment, shifting sands, wind moving and clearing.

Maybe you could embrace this change and have a much needed clear out- your way of thinking, your house….. whatever feels stuck. Maybe you could sit with pen and paper and think up a list of things you want to clear and change…. you could also be very happy where you are right now and this message may mean nothing to you.

I will leave you to decide and wish you a magical day.


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