Our Own Creation



We are our own creation and the more we see this, the more amazing life gets

The more we shift and change our perspective, thoughts and life to filling it with positive, the more we can see the control we have in our life and how much we can enrich our life. Seeing that control with eyes open changes so much for us.

Being honest with ourselves, seeing where we can release and let go things which we know do not serve us. Learning forgiveness, kindness, dropping anger, reaction, non- reaction are all wonderful parts of the process!

See it this way – If we look for things to be sad about in our daily life and talk negative, we create more sadness and trials – life does go through its tests and for many I say this with deep awareness, there are those who have known and feel deep sadness through events in their life. All total exceptions. I wish those who are in the place so much love and wish them a journey back from that place where they can.

It can helps us appreciate all we have when we embrace all we have to be thankful for. Being a support where we can for those who are and have had their sadness to bear which has been beyond their choices can perhaps help them along the way. As humans most of us have a natural tendency to want to help each other. Being Earth Angels to one another.

When we look for things to smile about, we create more reasons to smile, we then take our self a bit less serious and laughing comes so much easier!

The more we give out from the heart, the more is returned- doing a good turn for someone can be good for your own heart. Be very aware of self love and attention here though also.

So, to emphasise, the more we look for the bad, the more we create- again being aware of some people’s circumstances and the more we look for the positive, the better life seems to flow.

The more we allow things ‘inflicted’ by others to affect us, the more it does. We are so good at allowing other’s emotional attacks to affect and hurt us and practising non-reaction takes time and practise but does stop the energy they are creating from going anywhere- a work in process but one which can have success.

This is not a judgement but a reality of the fact that everything is energy and it is a pretty fascinating world!

Shifting our reality, may even shift so many things like depression, bi polar, illness -who knows!

The less we look for the bad in each other, the more good we will find and the more ‘good’ there will be out there

Letting judgement, jealousy, expectation of others, suspicion and ego go makes space for healthier, lighter energies

Thinking lighter thoughts really does create light! How awesome is that!

Says me that has to still work on this daily may I add!

Healing modalities, massage and things like yoga & meditation-even a walk in fresh air, a walk in nature and taking time out for a day, all do us the power of good and can power up our energy.

Some of our greatest teachers were those who were here in centuries gone by and their teachings still hold relevance and sense to those willing to listen – we all do when the time is right.

It could take a meeting in the street to lift and shift your/mine/our perceptions – life has a funny way of showing up when we least expect it! Expect the unexpected.

Live your Life, be your unique and beautiful self.

Much love.Margery@angelhealingwaters

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