Divine Flow


Tapping in and allowing ourselves to accept the love of the Universe is a precious gift we can always tune into.

I was being shown this exercise/meditation and felt it may be good to share again.

It is a simple, Divine connection –acceptance for all the love we give out, all the healing we give and a reminder we can accept for ourselves~ indeed we must~ accept with the self first.

Many healers, the world over give out, go into healing mode when asked, not looking at where they can call healing in for themselves  and seldom do which creates burnout for them.

To continue to be a healer and empath, we must first call in light with the ‘me’ and we are then able help others connect it and shine their light.

Accept the times you need to step back, accept the times when you are tired, accept the times when you are over stretched and just be still and allow acceptance. The Universe is always there to tap in to and bring your supply of light in, allowing you to recharge, renew and revive. It is all about remembering to allow and receive. To tap into the Universe and discover infact that you hold this light deep inside you, waiting and ready to ignite.

Stand or sit somewhere, where you can be still. Facing the sun outdoors is a powerful way to connect if you can. Call in a gold thread of light to come down from the Universe. Bring this thread in through your upper chakras, your crown, your third eye, your throat, your heart, solar plexus, sacral and root chakra and then ground this loving light into the Earth. You are now grounded in Universal light.


Breath in that light, this loving Divine light, feel it expand and grow.

Connect in to the highest light of Source, the Universe, Buddha, Christ, God or whatever name you see as Omnipresent and Divine ~ call this light into your heart. Sit this light in your heart. It was always there in the first place.

Bring light up now from Mother Earth and sit this in your heart to merge with the light from above. Give thanks, holding your hands over your heart ~ accepting, allowing, Being~ expansion is yours ~ allow this light to expand and grow, to merge with your aura, your soul, your Monad. Be that love and light.

Now see a beautiful, perfect white lotus flower in front of you with a powerful, luminous gold centre. Bring that lotus into your heart, sit that lotus in your heart centre and see it expand out past your heart to the front and back and also to the sides of your aura. Merge with this lotus~ become one with the energy of love~ allow this to build.

Bring bring your hands out and give that love out to the Universe~ back to the Source it came from ~ a continual light of love ~ a circle of light flowing.

Ask that you be held in this light throughout your day, you are this light, grounded in the light and part of this light ~ at one with the Universal light of love. Accept the light of who you are~ A beautiful, Divine Being. Allow nothing but love to penetrate this light. Blessings be.

When you decide to move out from the exercise/meditation be sure to ground and drink some water. With love from the Universe. Margery@angelhealingwaters



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