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Artwork Copyright@ Gill Rickelesford


Art work by Gill Rickeslford

The mind processes thousands of thoughts a day, there are billions of people throughout the world who process their own thoughts but are still a collective force of one light...........think about this........we are all unique and yet all one........each entitled to our way of thinking.... each allowed to express a view......if we were to learn to express our thoughts and feelings without the need to be right, respect the thoughts of others,let go anger at their difference of opinion or judgement.......just think how much easier and happier our lives would be. Being together, talking, uniting, being, supporting.........visualise the exciting impact this could have... no jealousy, no competition, no need to be the one at the top, no need for ego, lack of self worth.......if we were to visualise this for even a few minutes a day...just think....why not give it a try~


Student and Client Feedback

I feel totally blissed and blessed to have found the perfect course for me and look forward to doing more courses with you in the future. Sandra,Glasgow

It was lovely to see you and as always I find you very inspiring, it’s all that positive energy that comes from you, makes me belief I can do anything~ Laura ,Scotland

Thank you SOOOOOOOOO much for facilitating the opportunity to all meet up together, hang out and have such a delicious, beautiful, perfect evening with the Angels:) I am Very grateful~Susan Scott.Edinburgh

Absolutely fantastic~ enjoyed every moment of it~ Cristina, Scotland

In some respects it did not feel like a course but a friend helping us along our path. Margaret.

About the message, it is completely accurate on every single way. I felt touched by you mentioning the beautiful Beings that are with me, I love them so much. Estrella,South America

Oh my word! I cannot believe how spot on the reading is... especially the coffee.. perhaps I am having too much then? lol... not surprised that one came up....Layla, South Africa.

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